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I am a Subject Matter Expert on all things Prevent related having spent a number of years working as a Prevent Advisor. During this time, I have trained thousands of staff in the Education sector, Children and Adults Social Care, NSPCC staff, and Charities. I have also spoken about my work in Prevent at both regional and local conference.


What is the PREVENT agenda?

Prevent is part of the Governments Counter Terrorism Strategy, CONTEST. Prevent is one of the four pillars that allow CONTEST to work effectively in our fight against Terrorism. The other pillars (known as the 4p’s) are PURSUE, PROTECT AND PREPARE.


All schools (maintained, non-maintained, Independent, nursery schools, registered childcare settings and pupil referral units) have a duty of care to the Young People in their keeping. To ensure that the appropriate steps are in place to minimise the risk of a young person being vulnerable to Radicalisation.

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